Shouting in the wind

I know I’m not going to convince anybody, and this is far from the most important place to make this point, but I feel like I have to weigh in:

Record snowfall does not “disprove” global warming.

To advance the opposite proposition seriously, you’d have to do one or more of the following:

  • Fail to understand the different between “global” and “local”.  Being cold here says nothing about the global aggregate.
  • Fail to understand that “weather” is not the same thing as “climate” and that transient variations in daily conditions do not equate to long-term large averages.
  • Be in the pocket of Big Oil and other industries with a vested interest in making sure we do nothing, ever, because it might someday mean that they reap only ridiculous profit levels rather than the truly obscene ones they get now.

More than likely, most people braying that this is God’s message to Al Gore are committing all three mistakes at once.

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