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more testing of subscribe2

Let’s see what this does.

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Quickie: Accidentally-hilarious writing

I was flipping through the channels and came across FX’s presentation of The Day After Tomorrow. I’d never seen it before — movies like this make my teeth hurt, because the science is just so bad. But I decided to … Continue reading

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Review: Echelon

Echelon a novel by Josh Conviser InstaRating: 2 out of 5 This book\’s title caught my interest because I keep up with surveillance tech and its social implications, and ECHELON — the alleged US NSA electronic sifting program — is … Continue reading

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Snow Day!

The sweetest two words to any teacher’s ears (well, other than “summer vacation” :)), and the only good reason to receive a phone call at 5 in the morning. 🙂

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Testing stats

Today I found a plugin called Lightstats that compiles some WordPress statistics.

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from 2003: Synchronicity, in memoriam Robert Hauter Myslik

[edited 2007 0130 to correct Rob’s middle name, which was Hauter and not Hunter.] This piece dates from around 2003 February 10. I wrote it about three weeks after the death of a legendary colleague and true friend, Rob Myslik. … Continue reading

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Running the Race (My speech given as Distinguished Faculty recipient)

I have had the honor of being named as the Hun School’s first recipient of a new Distinguished Faculty Endowed Chair. One of the prices is that, today, I had to give a speech at the first-ever Convocation. Since some … Continue reading

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