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More Meta: Fancy Pull Quotes and Javascript Pull Quotes

In my never-ending quest to overload my WordPress installation with a billion gadgets, today I’m adding Fancy Pull Quote. Fancy pull quotes make any dumb monkey look like a Pulitzer Prize winner! But I’ve decided to run it head-to-head with … Continue reading

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Testing subscriptions 2

More testing, this time with the correct category. 🙂

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Testing subscriptions

You can just ignore this post — I’m trying a new feature. Where should I put the subscribe message?

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New Look, New Feature, Lots of New Newness

So… I’ve wanted a three-column theme for a while and for whatever reason, tonight’s the night I decided to get one. Mostly I want something that uses the real estate of my monitor more efficiently. I went with Anaconda and … Continue reading

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Testing stats

Today I found a plugin called Lightstats that compiles some WordPress statistics.

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