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Math Education and Pandemic

{Editor’s note: Well, this ends up being quite the little snapshot of the early days of the pandemic, for me. I don’t know why I never quite finished it — probably it had something to do with the world igniting … Continue reading

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Looking for hive mind help on a course

Actually, on two courses.  The school I’m at (Newark Academy) ends the year with a nine-day “June Term”, wherein students take one class for six hours a day.  June Term classes are supposed to be experiential and rigorous, and maybe a … Continue reading

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Why I have trouble taking guns-rights advocates seriously

Five Injured In Accidental Gun Show Shootings On ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ From TPM.    

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Another reason we’re in so much trouble.

For the first time in 23 years of polling. Source: The US military is the world’s strongest. Half of Americans think it’s not. – Vox

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Chart of the Day: SCOTUS appointments in election years

It is far from unprecedented for a President to nominate someone this far away from the election. Source: Presidents have appointed Supreme Court justices in election years. This chart proves it. – Vox

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Regarding >> “America has a simple ideology”: how one of Russia’s top US experts tries to explain America – Vox

A couple of observations: What might underlie this Russian perception — which I think is over the top — is something far more threatening to the Russian psyche than the idea that America is scheming and plotting to topple them. … Continue reading

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Josh Marshall, spot-on as always

From Talking Points Memo: Yes, George W. Really Should Remain Silent For all my many criticisms of him during his presidency, I have come to respect President Bush’s post-presidency. He’s kept out of the toxic political battles that came after … Continue reading

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The madness of World War I

This piece helps make clear how criminally incompetent the leaders of the Allies were during the opening years of World War I and how unworthy they were of the brave men who fought and died under their command.

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One sentence can pull you out of an entirely fine essay

I actually agree with most of what Fareed Zakaria writes in his Washington Post op-ed “Why America’s Obsession with STEM Education is Dangerous“.  We need balanced, robust, well-rounded education, not narrow business-driven training.  It will take many different vantages points to … Continue reading

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College Admissions Hunger Games

Today the NY Times published an Upshot op-ed called “For Accomplished Students, Reaching a Good College Isn’t as Hard as It Seems“.  It’s one of those article that seems to say more than it does.  It doesn’t actually support the conclusion … Continue reading

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