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Cross-post (test)

Just checking to see if the automagical migration of posts from my blog (The Mongrel Dogs Who Teach) to my Facebook page actually works.

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Echos of Sins Past

Regular readers of this blog, were there any, would know that in early June, The Mongrel Dogs That Teach was high-jacked by people of malicious intent who inserted “invisible” code into my text to direct people to infected sites and … Continue reading

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OK, so one sign of not writing enough on your blog is having it highjacked and you don’t even notice. Bleh. Somewhere between May 27 and today (Jun 4), some nefarious party registered itself and inserted nasty code into one … Continue reading

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More Meta: Fancy Pull Quotes and Javascript Pull Quotes

In my never-ending quest to overload my WordPress installation with a billion gadgets, today I’m adding Fancy Pull Quote. Fancy pull quotes make any dumb monkey look like a Pulitzer Prize winner! But I’ve decided to run it head-to-head with … Continue reading

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Testing subscriptions 2

More testing, this time with the correct category. 🙂

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Testing subscriptions

You can just ignore this post — I’m trying a new feature. Where should I put the subscribe message?

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New Look, New Feature, Lots of New Newness

So… I’ve wanted a three-column theme for a while and for whatever reason, tonight’s the night I decided to get one. Mostly I want something that uses the real estate of my monitor more efficiently. I went with Anaconda and … Continue reading

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Testing stats

Today I found a plugin called Lightstats that compiles some WordPress statistics.

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Makeover for 2007

Yesterday I spent more time than really justified in playing around with the look-and-feel of The Mongrel Dogs Who Teach. It began innocently enough: I finally reached my breaking point on the comment spam, receiving two blocks of 48 spams … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to The Mongrel Dogs Who Teach, my little experiment in blogging. This will be updated approximately every “whenever I feel like it” and will likely be about as erratic as I am. If you’re interested, the experiment is, “Can … Continue reading

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