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I like programmers with a sense of humor…

dropbox is one of my favorite “cloud” utilities.  It keeps a directory synchronized across many computers, allowing remote access and automatic backup.  Whenever you set up dropbox on a new computer, all of the files need to be copied across.  … Continue reading

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Political snark of the day

Regarding the fact that Fox News will now have a front-row seat at the White House briefing room: Fox News is a propaganda outlet, a detail everyone seems to know, but which is apparently impolite to say out loud. The … Continue reading

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Political snark of the day

I stole the tagline from a commenter at Political Animal and the picture from a public domain image at Flickr, and put it together using the motivational poster generator at Big Huge Labs.

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A little political humor, a little late

As soon as I read John Boehner’s characterization of financial regulation reform, I was inspired to make the following.  Unfortunately, this-and-that kept me occupied until today. Here’s a link ( since Facebook inexplicably strips images(!) from imported RSS feeds… I … Continue reading

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This is a mostly-pointless TED talk that celebrates the vast Lego culture … It’s fun even if it isn’t all that deep.

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The first truly honest campaign ad of the season I possess a sort of socialpathic narcississism. … in this beautiful state that I’ve grown to love, since I moved here… 18 months ago. All of my motives are ulterior. Vote Clint Webb!

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