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Books 2020

Evermore Paris at the End of the World Godsgrave Mythos Darksdawn Working Futures Bridge of Spies Redemption Falls The Secret Lives of the US Presidents This is How You Lose the Time War Cities: The First 6000 Years World War … Continue reading

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Books 2019

A Song for Arbonne by Guy Gavriel Kay This was a re-read for me, as it just became available on Kindle.  It in fact wrapped up my complete re-read of Kay’s fiction, which I mostly handled in 2018. Grant by Ron … Continue reading

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The power of the dark side

[amazon_link asins=’0785192557,0785192565,0785199772,0785199780,0785197893′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’gilroy0-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0a4327d5-eb7a-11e7-a142-c169eec473c4′] No, this is not a political post.┬á ­čÖé I absolutely┬átore through the omnibus Kindle editions of the┬áDarth Vader comic (one of several in the rebooted Marvel line).┬á I guess it really paid off for … Continue reading

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What is a library?

I am far from the first to ask this question in an increasingly-electronic age, and I am sure that my answer will be far from unique. ┬áBut my wife and I have batted the question around a couple of times … Continue reading

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Lunacon 2014 (1b): Alternate Technologies in Historical Fiction

Panelists: Russ Handelman, James Cambias, Paul Calhoun And here he is, That Annoying Guy From One Seat Over. ┬áThis archetype shows up at every con, like a restless spirit. One of the panelists pointed out that, more or less by … Continue reading

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Review: Perdido Street Station

Rating: 3 out of 5 I picked up Perdido Street Station because I was looking for a good steampunk novel, especially after Dreadnought, and the reviews were strong. This book was supposed to be amazing, sweeping, and alluring – a … Continue reading

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Currently Reading: Second Quarter 2011

Better to Beg Forgiveness by Michael Z. Williamson Perdido Street Station by China Melville ?????

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Currently Reading: First Quater 2011

American Scripture by Pauline Maier Consider Phlebas by Ian Banks Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowel

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My summer reading

Just to put it in one place, here’s what I’ve read and what I hope to read this summer. Already Read Neverwhere by Niel Gaiman The Engineer Trilogy by K. J. Parker Devices and Desires Evil for Evil The Escapement … Continue reading

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Review: Metatropolis

Metatropolis Edited by Jack Scalzi Rating on an arbitrary 5-point scale: 4 out of 5 Metatropolis is a science fiction anthology exploring, as it claims, the “future of cities”.┬á That’s not strictly accurate. It’s really a collection of stories that … Continue reading

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