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Back online

Quite possibly no one noticed but me, but this site has been down since August 2020, when my web hosting service altered the name of their database server.  It should have been a quick fix, and eventually was, but 2020-2021 … Continue reading

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FB Recap: Social Media and the Body Politic

originally posted on Facebook on 2018 March 25 Here’s the thing. This week we’ve learned about massive breaches of trust and the evils that the superconnected Internet can bring. But we’ve also seen truly inspiring and uplifting photos that speak … Continue reading

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FB Recap: Major Tom is Everyman, and That’s the Problem

I’ve liked this song since the 1980s but this has bothered me almost as long: >> All systems are go, are you sure? Control is not convinced But the computer has the evidence No need to abort << The implication … Continue reading

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FB Recap: Sociology of Exponentials

Explaining the socioeconomic tyranny of exponentials, via examples students can relate to: Let’s say kids are given the whole period to complete a lab. Some students work faster than others because they’ve got a better sense of the underlying theory. … Continue reading

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FB Recap: Privilege in Back to the Future

Growing up gives you a perspective that can ruin all the good things of your childhood. I’m going to comment on Back to the Future here, so if that’s an integral pillar of /your/ childhood, you might want to skip.

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FB Recap: Seal and Eagle

Interesting socio-cultural question: In this cover of “Fly Like an Eagle”, Seals sings “I want to fly like an eagle” but omits “till I’m free”, and changes “through the revolution” to “into the future”.   These aren’t accidental changes — … Continue reading

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Facebook recaps

As usual, I told myself all Spring Break that I should be writing more.  Then I realized that I output a noticeable amount of musings, rants, and thoughts — not a flood, but at least a trickle — on Facebook … Continue reading

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Math Education and Pandemic

{Editor’s note: Well, this ends up being quite the little snapshot of the early days of the pandemic, for me. I don’t know why I never quite finished it — probably it had something to do with the world igniting … Continue reading

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Books 2020

Evermore Paris at the End of the World Godsgrave Mythos Darksdawn Working Futures Bridge of Spies Redemption Falls The Secret Lives of the US Presidents This is How You Lose the Time War Cities: The First 6000 Years World War … Continue reading

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Meh the Force Be With You: Review of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Spoilers for the final chapter in the Star Wars Saga.

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