Cursed Items in D&D: Why I don’t like them; how I intend to use them differently

A time-honored mechanic in Dungeons & Dragons is the cursed item: A ring, or armor, or what-have-you, that — when a player character wears or uses the item — activates a bane.  Usually, the item cannot be removed once the curse is revealed; usually, the curse cannot be determined before use even via things like […]

It must be tough being a film critic

and always having to say something supposedly original and hopefully contrary. The thesis of this article in Deadspin is that Avengers Endgame suffers because it dives headfirst into the mythology and doesn’t pause or slow down for any non-fans watching. I’m just gonna say it: That’s just dumb. (No spoilers for Endgame — it’s safe […]


Update 2019 May 8: Here’s Jeribon’s 3rd-level character sheet. I’m getting back into D&D, hopefully, and I’m starting with Jeribon, a gnomish rogue. In the best traditions of the Internet, I’ve just stolen this image (from ) until I can figure out one for myself. Backstory Jeribon was a young gnome at the time […]

Movies 2019

Aquaman (12/27/2018)Bumblebee (1/3/2019)Teen Titans Go! To The Movies (2/16/2019, Google Play)Captain America: The First Avenger (3/15/2019, rewatch, amazon rental)Captain America: The Winter Soldier (3/16/2019, rewatch, amazon rental)Captain America: Civil War (3/17/2019, rewatch, amazon)Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse (3/20/2019, amazon rental)Captain Marvel (3/21/2019, AMC Southroads)Little (4/22/2019, B&B Starworld)Avengers Endgame (4/29/3019, B&B Starworld)SHAZAM! (5/17/2019, B&B Starworld)Men in Black […]

Books 2019

A Song for Arbonne by Guy Gavriel Kay This was a re-read for me, as it just became available on Kindle.  It in fact wrapped up my complete re-read of Kay’s fiction, which I mostly handled in 2018. Grant by Ron Chernow After reading the award-winning (and musical-inspiring) Hamilton by Chernow, I was moved to pick this […]