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Review: Altered Carbon

{Ed. note: Another thing languishing in my Drafts for multiple years.  Maybe I thought I’d be expanding it?  Clearly I won’t, so here it is.} I’ve finished all of (season one?) of Altered Carbon, and have reached the conclusion that … Continue reading

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My manifesto

{Editor’s note: This has been sitting in my Drafts since early 2017 but seems as appropriate now.} You want an ACTUAL political revolution? You want to take back our democracy or “make America great again”? Then here are the vitally … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 10: Face the Raven

Spoilers abound, so if you, like me, are watching this over a year late {ed. note: now more like seven years}, be warned.

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Family Values

{Editor’s note: Whoof, this is an oldie that’s just sat in my Drafts for — seven(!) years, for no good reason.} As predictable as the rising of the Sun, a figure on the right has assailed same-sex marriage equality as … Continue reading

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