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On riots, protests, and the legitimacy of violence (short)

For everyone who has counseled the citizens of Baltimore (and Ferguson and…) that “violence is not the answer” and that it would be better if everyone just protested peacefully: 1) As has now been documented extensively, the protests were by … Continue reading

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re: Sexism in science: Peer editor tells female researchers their study needs a male author – The Washington Post

Apparently the study was so flawed that only a man could fix it. Just ’cause, you know, it isn’t science without at least a trace amount of testosterone spilled on it. Or — and this seems more likely to me … Continue reading

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Regarding “Huckabee: The Supreme Court ‘Cannot Overrule God’ On Gay Marriage”

Gov. Huckabee is entirely correct: SCOTUS cannot overrule God.  The justices can’t make a gay marriage sanctified.  But then, they can’t make a straight marriage sanctified either.  It’s really quite simple:  To the extend that marriage is a sacrament, the … Continue reading

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Josh Marshall, spot-on as always

From Talking Points Memo: Yes, George W. Really Should Remain Silent For all my many criticisms of him during his presidency, I have come to respect President Bush’s post-presidency. He’s kept out of the toxic political battles that came after … Continue reading

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The madness of World War I

This piece helps make clear how criminally incompetent the leaders of the Allies were during the opening years of World War I and how unworthy they were of the brave men who fought and died under their command.

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Happy Victory over the Confederacy Day

On this day one hundred fifty years ago, a scruffy, scrappy, but determined general accepted the surrender of his well-born, well-dressed, and traitorous counterpart, effectively ending a vast sedition launched in the name of slavery, orchestrated by cowardly politicians, and … Continue reading

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