Lunacon 2014 (0): Arrival

After a five-year hiatus, I am back at Lunacon, at the suggestion of my lovely wife (who says it’s important we tend to our individual needs as well as our married ones, and who — I believe — also might like having the apartment to herself for a weekend. 🙂 )

Standing in line to check in, I met a guy for whom this is his 43rd Lunacon.  It’s my fourth.  I feel a bit like a poser, but oh well.  🙂

Before heading down to register, I figured I’d check into the room, set up Internet (of course!), and then start these posts.  I can’t promise much, but I figure that, if the reason I attend Lunacon as opposed to other cons is its traditional focus on writing, I should also do me some writing.  Maybe it will be something more, but blog posting is probably a good way to start.



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