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Lunacon 2014 (1): Friday

OK, so it’s really Saturday when I’m writing this.  But it’s about Friday.  🙂 I attended three panels (and one fire alarm):  “Building Character“, “Alternate Technologies in Historical Fiction“, and “Firefly: The Game“.  I also poked around the dealer’s room for … Continue reading

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Lunacon 2014 (1b): Alternate Technologies in Historical Fiction

Panelists: Russ Handelman, James Cambias, Paul Calhoun And here he is, That Annoying Guy From One Seat Over.  This archetype shows up at every con, like a restless spirit. One of the panelists pointed out that, more or less by … Continue reading

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Lunacon 2014 (1a): Building Character

Panelists: Mike Flynn and Ken Atlabef. I was a little disappointed to see that the first panel sported Mike Flynn as a guest.  At the last Lunacon, Mike Flynn was the moderator for the panels I consistently liked least.  My … Continue reading

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