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Rest for the Weary (30 Days of Marc Cohn – Day 19)

“Rest for the Weary” The Rainy Season One of the things I like about Marc Cohn is that his songs aren’t all about finding, having, and losing the girl. Every album includes very personal songs that nonetheless seem to be … Continue reading

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The Rainy Season (30 Days of Marc Cohn — Day 18)

“The Rainy Season” The Rainy Season The Rainy Season is not a happy album and “The Rainy Season” is not a happy song. While Marc Cohn held a wide mix of songs and styles, Cohn’s sophomore album is generally dark. … Continue reading

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“Girl of Mysterious Sorrow” (30 Days of Marc Cohn — Day 17)

“Girl of Mysterious Sorrow” Burning the Daze I’ll make a confession.  I did not get, at first, that this song was about graveside remembrance.  In fact I felt quite clever to figure it out.  Listening to it again, it now … Continue reading

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Time to put away childish things

Update (2013 Feb 4): Noah Smith has an awesome response to the attack on Prof. Krugman, too. Paul Krugman today discusses a post on “How to Debate Paul Krugman”, which by all appearances is a serious piece.  The answer can … Continue reading

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Strangers in a Car (30 Days of Marc Cohn — Day 16)

“Strangers in a Car” Marc Cohn Now we reach the final song of the “car trilogy” (after “Listening to Levon” and “Silver Thunderbird“).  It certainly wasn’t planned to make automobiles the pivot point of my 30-day exploration of Marc Cohn, but … Continue reading

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Silver Thunderbird (30 Days of Marc Cohn — Day 15)

“Silver Thunderbird” Marc Cohn It really wasn’t planned that this song follow “Listening to Levon” on my countdown, but it’s nice that it worked out that way. In “Listening to Levon”, Cohn tells us he was sitting in his dad’s … Continue reading

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