If I Were an Angel (30 Days of Marc Cohn — Day 7)

If I Were an Angel
Join the Parade

Yet one more in Marc Cohn’s intermittent series of relationships that are just bad news.  (Others include “Giving Up the Ghost” and “Shadow“.)  At least this time he takes some responsibility.

Well you probably think I’m foolin’ myself
That I just want to have my fun
But leavin’ you believe me
Is the first good deed I’ve done
I’m only tryin’ to save us from more heartache if I stay

Not that this action is entirely selfless, or even volitional:

I didn’t get a message
From anyone on high
And I dont get instructions
On who to save and why
No heavenly connections sent me down this way

It all ends up somewhat hopeful, though, in a bit of a surprise:

So look up in the sky tonight
Thats where I may be
High over the hillsides
Far across the sea
And if you hear the churchbells ring
Everything’s okay

In addition to the oblique California reference (maybe) in the hillsides, the singer asserts that it all works out, or at least, that it will. Here’s one bad relationship he is able to escape. The idea of rescuing someone by staying away from them is intriguing and counter to our usual expectation.

As a totally unimportant note, I’m happy he got the grammar correct in the title.  😀


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