PNC Virtual Wallet: Worst Banking Experience EVER

Recently, I and my fiancee signed up for a PNC joint account to manage our wedding expenses.  Little did I know I was signing up for the positively worst online banking experience I have ever encountered, perhaps the worst online experience period.  PNC drives new users into something they call “Virtual Wallet”, which is supposed to be clever and hip and fun.  It’s a buggy, busy, clunky mess that obscures more than it reveals.  It is slooooow, even on a big pipe on a new machine.  Since it’s coded in Flash (yippee), it takes down my browser from time to time.  In any event, the Flash doesn’t talk to the enclosing web page, so after fifteen minutes, you get booted for “inactivity” even if you’ve been using the site continuously throughout that time.

When I first wrote this review, PNC rejected it because I dared to mention competitors.  Then they suggested I revise it — but provided no link and no obvious way to do.  The second time, the site froze on my and crashed my browser.  So I’m posting this on my blog as well as on the PNC site, so maybe the word can get out.

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