A single moment is a glistening sparkle

Drifting playfully on the sighing wind

Individually insubstantial, melting at your gentlest touch,

Your slightest attention,

Escaping by your very attempt to capture it

Destroyed by your every attempt to preserve it



All those moments that evade your eye

That fall around you, unnoted, unknown

Softly silently settle to the sleeping surface

There to band together in mutual company

To build and pile and grow

To dampen sound and narrow focus

Alone they were each ephemeral

But together they are brutally eternal, grown

Into an obstacle, a hindrance, making

each step an effort.


So you make an effort

Dragging one foot after the other

Crushing together these crystalline moments

That somehow landed outside your notice

While you struggle toward a place

You once knew as home

Dulled by a transcendent weariness

Knowing that should you pause to rest

You will end your days there

Smothered beneath the accumulated weight

of your frozen dreams.


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