A Tide Between

Two bodies whirl past each other,
reaching across the void
tugging at each other’s centers
pulling each other into a dance
they circle a common center

If things were simple, if they were simple
The dance would be eternal
A balance between come-hither
And keep away
That turns attraction to stability.

But they are not simple, point-like and pristine
For each, the center is an abstraction
A hypothetical about which they
have become arranged
And so things are not simple.

Some parts are nearer together
and yearn to be nearer still
Other parts are moving too fast for comfort
and desire more space between

There is a tide between them
A differential attraction that
Kneads their very cores
Generating stress and heat
Reshaping their depths and
The faces they show outside.

The force pulling them together
Also tears each one apart

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