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This piece from the Atlantic captures my feeling pretty close to exactly, re: the recent Rand Paul flap on the Civil Rights Act and his alleged “courage”.  In particular, the conclusion: Now, after the police dogs, night-sticks and fire-hoses have … Continue reading

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Too true…

This captures my experience grading entirely… PhD comics:

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Stabilizing US Debt

Everyone says they could balance the budget if they were in charge.  Few understand what would be involved.  I just played a neat simulator that actually allowed me to explore what different policies would do. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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Brilliant remix of the Dark Knight Trailer…

… using footage from — amazingly! — the Toy Story franchise! via Ezra Klein

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Even better visualization of Facebook’s vanishing privacy

This ( is an animated illustration of how Facebook has been increasingly defining your personal data as “open to everyone”.

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