Proud of My Congressman

How often do you get to write a headline like that these days? I happen to be served by Rush Holt (Democrat and former nuclear physicist), and Congressman Holt has been — unlike almost all of his peers — quite active in protecting the rights and the security of all Americans. To be colloquial, Rush really has his head screwed on right. The national party would do well to listen more to him and people like him — people who recognize that caving into Republican demagoguery is about the only thing that can guarantee defeat. It’s bad for the party and it’s bad for the nation.

As an example, I offer this piece written by Holt to refute pernicious “mistakes” proffered by Joe Klein and his ilk, about the RESTORE Act that seeks to redress the current imbalance of power wielded by shadowy and unaccountable officers. I’d suggest checking it out.

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