Shameless me-tooism

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Generally, I don’t like posting a simple link to someone else. But today, I feel compelled, because Glenn Greenwald has done such a masterful job outlining the facts and the reasons behind the catastrophic collapse of American support throughout the world. We’ve allowed this President and his cronies to change what America is, and we’ve allowed him to taint how the world views us. And whether or not you take any moral guidance from the rest of humanity, you have to ask yourself this: If the “war on terror” is a globe-spanning, decade-spanning epic struggle for the survival of civilization itself … wouldn’t it be an easier fight if most of the world was on our side? Why would you go out and deliberately antagonize potential allies?

The only answer I can see is: You’d do that if you were infected with hyper-machismo that views alliances as “soft” and “weak” — the sort of testosterone poisoning that follows naturally when one feels subconscious but unavoidable guilt over dodging an earlier war’s call to service.

New Poster: A Swell Rocket

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Yet more in my one-man propaganda barrage for the Second Interworld War. This one reads, “It’s a Swell Rocket … Send Us More! with the ubiquitous exhortation, “Work to Win”. I modeled it on one from Design for Victory that had a somewhat-goofy airman pointing his thumb at an off-camera airplane and saying, “She’s a swell plane”. Normally I’d claim the moral high ground and insist that I changed to the gender-neutral “it” rather than “she” to help stamp out sexism, but the fact of the matter is, I just didn’t notice until I was done. Then I was too lazy to go back and change it. I also included the rocket, because (as I’ve said before), I labor under the added handicap that my audience doesn’t actually have day-to-day experience with the things I’m illustrating.
It’s a Swell Rocket