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Nothing But a Dream

One of the things that goes along with advising Student Council at my school is orchestrating the annual Talent Show. For the past four years, that’s included performing as the first act — largely because I badger my fellow faculty … Continue reading

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More Meta: Fancy Pull Quotes and Javascript Pull Quotes

In my never-ending quest to overload my WordPress installation with a billion gadgets, today I’m adding Fancy Pull Quote. Fancy pull quotes make any dumb monkey look like a Pulitzer Prize winner! But I’ve decided to run it head-to-head with … Continue reading

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Testing subscriptions 2

More testing, this time with the correct category. 🙂

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more testing of subscribe2

Let’s see what this does.

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Testing subscriptions

You can just ignore this post — I’m trying a new feature. Where should I put the subscribe message?

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Vanishing Ink?

(written 2007 0412; extended 2007 0413) I’ll admit that this post is basically ripped off from Glenn Greenwald, whom you should read for details. I just wanted to collect all the points in a clean, stripped version. The subject? The … Continue reading

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Review: The Book of Lost Things

The Book of Lost Things a novel by John Connolly InstaRating: 5 (out of 5) This is simply a good book. I would not have thought anything would rank up next to a new book by Guy Gavriel Kay (Ysabel, … Continue reading

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More on Guiliani-as-Kaiser

Glen Greenwald continues to shine a welcome spotlight on the outright authoritarian — dare we say, totalitarian? — impulses of the Right’s new darling, Rudy Guiliani. Twice in the past few days, he’s made statements that, only a handful of … Continue reading

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2 out of 3 Republican candidates prefer dictatorship

OK, so that’s not entirely fair. But Glenn Greenwald has a terrific piece on why it’s not entirely unfair, either. The short version: When asked if the President of the United States should have the power to detain indefinitely American … Continue reading

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